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Last updated on November 20th, 2015

Public Profiler,,  the on-line surname popularity and derivation checker, is working now – either people have given up, or all the initial applicants have been satisfied.(see previous posting here.)

So me, as a sheep, have finally been able to take a munch of the greenery within.

The initial set-up seems to be working okay although there are lots of planned features that aren’t implemented yet.

Public Profiler World Rees

Public Profiler World Rees

As expected, my surname is high in the UK ->720 frequency per million (FPM).


Public Profile Europe Rees

The drill-down feature works quite well, clicking ON the map.  Here, I clicked on the UK to produce this next view on the right, which is Europe, called “Europe”.  Nearly what I wanted I suppose.


Public Profile UK Rees

Now, clicking on the UK produces the next picture on the left, called “Regions”.  Well I can see the logic!  It should be a bit clearer but intuitively, the drill-down is working so far.

Now let’s see if I can see inside Wales…

Public Profile Wales Rees

Public Profile Wales Rees

Yes I can!  What’s happened is that it’s the same map with the administrative boundaries shown and variably coloured.  This level of drill-down is called “Localities”…

What’s missing overall, is a figure for the popularity along with the political administrative name for the area and also some actual values set against the colours in the key.  All there is, is “Low” to “High”.

Public Profile Stats Rees

Public Profile Stats Rees

At the bottom are a few statistics.  I’m “Celtic”-ally grouped for my name (as is the other half of my parenting).  I’m really popular in the UK and more so in Wales on the drill-down.

The most worrying one for me, is that bunch on the “Top Regions”….  It shows that UTAH in the USA, has a higher frequency of Rees than the North of England – where I’m from!  This means that statistically, because 58% of UTAH is Mormon,  there are a lot of Mormon Reeses.  What this means, I don’t know, apart from Reeses being a lot of shag-bunnies that is.

On the other hand, you can choose your friends but not your relatives :mrgreen: – and Wales is still showing 0.8% (8092.14 FPM), of it’s population as Rees so they haven’t all fucked off there yet.

Chucking in the alternative spellings of my name:

  • Rhys (the original name from which all derived)- (popular in UK, Canada, New Zealand)(only really popular in mountainous regions of Wales – the heartland, land of my fathers)
  • Reese (popular in USA, Germany!, New Zealand)
  • Reece (popular in New Zealand, USA & UK)

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