Pengins on Google StreetView

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Jan 142011

Last updated on November 21st, 2015

Google StreetView is in Antarctica

Google Streetview Car spotted in Aberystwyth 03/06/09

Google Streetview Car

Although you can see how they’ve done it using the cameras and flags in the snow, it’s still really cute that they’ve given the appearance that the (in)famous Google Streetview Car has been that way. The Google Streetview Car is the one with the funny thing on its roof, NOT the bright yellow Type 2 camper with the westy conversion!

Checkout the cute penguin icon….

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  1. I can't believe you stole mine and Josh's find and claimed it as your own. Tut tut. We are on a mission to find more silly streetview icons…someone somewhere in Google thought "I'll make my orange man a penguin here", presumably got it approved by his/her manager or whatever the procedure is for these things and it appeared on the tincanternet. There must be more! A monkey or snake somewhere…I will find you..

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