Sarah Palin, the Most Loathsome Dog

Don’t let Sarah Palin’s obvious organisational ability and her successful prosecution of a hunt against corruption fool you into believing that she is anything but a nutter.  Two rights do not make a thousand wrongs.  There are many brave people around.

Buddhism says that anyone has the Buddha nature within them, at all times.  Simultaneanity in all things means that people can appear reasonable and mad at the same time – it just depends on circumstance which is foremost.

Sarah Palin famously said that she was like a “PitBull with Lipstick“.

Note: Pitbull terriers are the most loathed dog breed in Britain and indeed are banned in many places across her USA.  It’s not a good analogy for someone expected to represent a civilised nation.

During her inauguration speech she mocked Presidential hopeful Obama saying,

“What does he actually seek to accomplish after he’s done […] healing the world?”

The trouble is, that the world actually needs healing and repairing from 250 years of heavy western exploitation.  On the very day of her speech, news (again) came out that the Arctic Region is collapsing at an even faster rate,

Major ice-shelf loss for Canada

Despite this, the God-squad Palin says that mankind isn’t responsible for climate change, choosing to (in this case) ignore the work thousands of scientists who have devoted their lives to understanding climate change.  (This is not the same as someone devoting their lives to promoting a viewpoint, but instead seeking truth in these matters).

When the notion suits her, she will, of course, choose to believe the scientists making nuclear weapons to further American aims in the pursuit of freedom.  Even though the scientists are quite often the same and are using the same computers and maths to analyse the different statistical problems!

On top of this, everything is cloaked in a god-fearing creationism.  Just like the Jehova’s Witnesses, the carefully chosen words of one or two “knowledgeable” people are used to outweigh the combined sum of human knowledge gained since The Enlightenment!

This would be laughable except, if McCain became #1 and because of his age, there’s a good chance he’d croak and Palin would be the most powerful weapon monger in the world.  Presumably, she’d start censoring all works and ideas that disagreed with her freedom-loving priciples?  It’s happened before in the USA and Germany during the last century.

I hope the American public are not fooled by her loathsome wholesomeness, her hypocrisy of death-dealing freedom and her awful sanctimonious beauty pageant stiff-upper-lip fluff when she wheeled the future son-in-law into view.

They’ll be divorced and/or philandering in 3 years.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.