Windows 7 SP1 Install

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Install Experience

Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1

I installed Win7 sp1 on my PC last night after spotting it in the Windows Update list.  It’s been out since 16 Feb 2011 but I’ve only just noticed!  That’s the state of my PC in the screenshot.


Everything installed really well, actually.  The downloads and install took about an hour and included updates for the Microsoft Mouse I use.  After the SP1 had installed, a few more “optional” updates appeared, so in they went as well!  The whole thing was much better than some earlier Microsoft service pack installs on Windows XP and 95 that I’ve done!


The PC actually feels as if it’s running better.  More stable, nicer window & application opening.


My next task is to update the Win7 32-bit install that I run in a virtual environment.  See  .  Watch this space!

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