Sep 072008

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The Valley of Death, site of "The Charge of The Light Brigade" as it is now.

Yet again, the proposed implementation of ID Cards and the security of anyone’s data within that system appears to be as mistaken a plan as anyone’s since the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Despite the fact that the “Charge” was a military disaster (little known) succeeding against the odds in the objective of taking “The Guns”, in no way can the proposed system of ID Cards with a database containing everyone’s personal data in the country will ever be considered a “success” OR heroic failure, or indeed a “plan” worthy of serious consideration.

And yet they continue.

Today’s news, Data on 5,000 justice staff lost will hopefully serve as yet another reminder that the whole system, indeed, the whole concept, is a bagatelle of ideas hatched by an incompetent government and mediocre civil service in charge of an infantile idea about which the wider technical concepts appear to them as mere fluff in the wind.

The system is flawed – get over it.

The system is bad – get over it.

I Say: Do your jobs properly, respect the rights of individuals, and behold;  there is no spoon!

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