Jesse Willms Hacked

Jesse Willms Ethics Hacked

Jesse Willms Ethics About Page Hacked
Jesse Willms Ethics About Page Hacked

I got a auto-alert from a Scamraiders post from Justin Asking that a page on one of the plethora of Willms self-promotional websites has been tampered with – and sure enough it has!  See here for the original comment from Justin Asking.

Below is a screenshot of the hacked page, a brief perusal of the rest of the site shows no other tamperings….  Still.  It made me laugh, although having had this website and the Crawling Chaos website hacked by Turks, I know that personally, it’s not a lot of fun.  (I wonder if Willms will post about it and how long it’ll take to fix it…Probably got a lot on his plate, currently!)

Jesse Willms Ethics About Page Hacked
Jesse Willms Ethics About Page Hacked

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    1. Dismal doings on Willms part, eh? His barrel is not deep enough to scrape the bottom, it appears.

      As for the continuing saga of crap news scam sites. I read somewhere recently that the correct term for the piece is a Farticle, which made me chuckle.
      Pulse360 popped up several times in each of several similar pieces to your quote as well. Each time, they were unavailable to comment! Isn’t there a direct causal link twixt them and Willms in the FTC case? I’ll check if I get time.
      Amazingly (and this is not just amazing, but unbelievable), the article I read said that Melissa Therieau, the French newsreader, was totally unaware that her image had been nicked and used in such a blatant criminal way! I mean, der? She’s in mainstream media! How could she NOT know and how could her AGENT not know as well?

  1. Willms' Facebook I notice, has gone into lockdown mode after it's recent opening up to charitable plugs… There's a new one called Jesse Willms Reputation Management to keep the flag flying. I kid ye not.

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