Georgian Nutter’s Blustering tries to Drag Us Down again.

Two apparently contradictory stories from two opposing viewpoints tell the same story in a way.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said yesterday that he’d “regain control of the two breakaway provinces with the help of the rest of the world.”

He said the West would “help his country regain control of South Ossetia and Abkhazia […] and our territorial integrity will be restored, I am more convinced of this than ever.”

“This will not be an easy process, but now this is a process between an irate Russia and the rest of the world. Our goal is the return of our territory and the peaceful unification of Georgia,” he said.

Meanwhile Russian President Medvedev in a meeting with Russian-friendly countries, vigorously warned against providing any more assistance to Georgia, in an apparent reference to the $1 billion aid package to Tbilisi announced by the USA earlier in the week.  “We don’t want Georgia, which acted as the aggressor, to continue to arm itself in an uncontrolled way and with unknown aims and completely unclear consequences,” he said.  “It seems to me this is a lesson for the entire world community, including for those who make decisions to provide Georgia with extra financing and technical military cooperation.”

So while East & West play poker and gamble with our lives, I agree with the statement from Putin quoted in the AP article, but I’ll continue to think he’s a horrible scheming man regardless….   Just because I don’t like him doesn’t mean that what he says in this case is untrue, in fact, it’s the biggest truth here.

Putin said there would be no cooling of ties with the West because the West depends on Russia’s oil, gas and mineral wealth.

Sometimes, huffing and puffing is just that – bluster.  The earlier chain of events has already decided any future outcome and Bush & his allies seriously misjudged the situation so that they, and we in the UK, are stuck with it.  The only way out for us in the West is by dialogue and continuing ties, just as Putin planned all along.

By Strangely

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