Not All Nuclear Technology is Bad

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Sep 082008

Last updated on November 20th, 2015

A swords into ploughshares moment hit me today.

It’s the news, Isotope shortage may delay scans , that because three reactors are closed at once, the whole world supply of an isotope, molybdenum 99, which is used as a marker in body scanning, has been interrupted.

In an astonishing pointer to quantum theory, the 3-day half-life of the stuff is now National News!

Because of this property it has to be made continuously for hospitals – or – like now – they run out – people don’t get scanned and potentially, will die sooner rather than later.

Checking on the metal’s properties here, reveals it’s a key component of stainless steels etc.

Interesting Connected Fact Time: Because of the rapid increase in the rate of nuclear power station building, next year, 2009, will see the world will starting to run out of molybdenum metal!

This will increase the price of everything – including nuclear power stations!  I wonder if this has been figured into the planned cost for these machines?

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