End of the World promises Great Hope for the Future of Humanity

  • Two days to go!
  • The End of the world is nigh!

In CERN, the LHC is having it’s first big switch on in two days time, the 10th of September.  All the news is full of it currently, and they especially focus on the possibility that we’re all gonna die.  ( A small test has already happened to calibrate the sensors.  This test was almost as big as a decent atom-smasher of 10 years ago which also had premonitions of the apocacalypse attached to it! ).   There have also been tales of death threats and a maverick scientist, without explicitly saying who he is or what he means.  Well here he is!

He looks like the public’s typical idea of a mad scientist.

The thing is, we’re all gonna die.  The key thing is to do the best you possibly can in your time available.  I’ve got a post set up to appear on the 11th of September to remind me I’m alive or that I’m in a state of being slowly swallowed up by a black hole….whatever, there are more important things than that.  Barring some unforeseen personal tragedy, I’ll read it then.

In actual fact, the LHC and the other associated large example of power physics & philosophy being applied by the medium of intense international co-operation at Cadarache, are two of the reasons why I have such high hopes for our survival as a sentient species.

Despite all the diplomatic and actual warfare being promulgated across the globe, quietly, behind the scenes, the very same countries who are so visibly in conflict, are engaged in co-operative enterprises, which if applied in daily life, would improve the lives of everyone of the world immeasurably.

The sums of money being pledged are huge – rivalling those lost by gamblers in the credit crunch.  This proves the true intent of the people and countries involved.  What their actual political leaders say and do is of no import whatsoever.

By Strangely

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  1. I find today, that my thoughts on this are in good company. Stephen Hawking: Large Hadron Collider vital for humanity – says the black-holed one. His final dalek paragraph I’ll repeat here as it is wonderful:
    “Both the LHC and the Space program are vital if the human race is not to stultify and eventually die out. Together they cost less than one tenth of a per cent of world GDP. If the human race can not afford this, then it doesn’t deserve the epithet ‘human’.”

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