Try Firefox, Nightly, 64 bit

Testing Firefox 64-bit Right Now!

Actually, I tried the 64 bit installs of Firefox and Internet Explorer soon after I installed this Windows 7 64 bit Operating System.  They were both pants and summarily removed from my hard drives and I haven’t revisited for over 2 years….

Firefox Nightly

Firefox Nightly

But now things seem on the up.

64-bit is now mainstream with a large 64-bit user base and fewer and fewer 32-bit applications seeing regular usage against the 64-bit versions.  This is Firefox’s “about” info (above) from this browser.  It’s called “Nightly”, and actually (whispers to one side), it’s very good…!!!   Miles better than before, which made the machine crash….


  • Faster
  • Worked first time
  • Installed okay.
  • Needed Flash plugins which were directly available, and work!
  • Worked okay with all my current plugins – Web Developer, Flagfox, Quirk SearchStatus and the rest.  Amazing.  They all worked!
  • Got it’s own icon
  • Installs into it’s own folder separate to Firefox
  • Carries over all Firefox settings & shortcuts.
  • Carries over all Firefox add-ons & plugins, if they work.
  • only needed a new Flash install to get it working the way it was on 32-bit

So now I’m going to try 64-bit browsing as a real test.

Extra Information

Download Links
32 v 64
  • You need a 64-bit Operating System as well as a 64-bit processor to run 64-bit applications.
  • 32-bit Windows running on a 64-bit AMD processor (for example), won’t work.



  1. Strangely( author ) :

    Jan 17, 2012 4:57 pm |

    And here’s Waterfox running.  It loads very fast and only time will tell on reliability and features.  Comparative testing will have to wait as a quick 1-2-3 on the 3 Mozilla programs I have means that an extened check is needed by each browser on the add-ons before loading.  As long as one of the other 2 Mozillas isn’t run, the second loading is really fast.

    Thanks Dave for the pointer.


  2. Strangely( author ) :

    Jan 17, 2012 4:38 pm |

    This is the latest state of Nightly on my machine:

  3. Dave :

    Jan 17, 2012 3:30 pm |

    Try Waterfox browser, it’s 64 bit only and is also by Mozilla. Works just fine on my Asus Laptop and you can still enjoy Mozilla’s add-ins.

  4. Strangely( author ) :

    Jan 17, 2012 4:36 pm |

    Thanks Dave. So far, nightly-64 hasn’t crashed once and just whizzes along. The only caveat is some sluggishness when it needs it’s daily update and tries to connect to the mothership. I just close it and restart and all is picked up from where it left off.

    Waterfox (which I’ll try) details are here:
    Download page of links