WordPress 2.62 fix for TinyMCE Visual Editor Malfunction

WordPress 2.62, TinyMCE Visual Editor Working!

I live in hope that one day I’ll figure out why I can’t get the TinyMCE editor working on this blog alone without doing “the fix” each time.  All the other blogs work fine and the folder & file permissions are set to what they should be…..I’ve even done a side by side comparison and all the folder settings are identical as well as all the files to make it happen!

After much tedious searching through the forums, I got a fix earlier this year that worked after much previous twiddling of the WordPress files.  It’s here:

http://wordpress.org/support/topic/164217/page/3?replies=73 in the posting by user lcf.

This is a slightly more in depth description of how to the edit suggested by azaozz in http://wordpress.org/support/topic/165449?replies=43

The fix is a simple one – I didn’t bother with the zipped php file. Just edit this config file:


Look for:

‘compress’ => true,

Then change it to read:

‘compress’ => false,

The editor (which otherwise works really well ) can be found here on the WordPress Plugin site, and here on the author homepage.

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