Tour of Britain 2008, Stage 3 in Somerset

The Tour of Britain came through Bridgwater this year so I took a day off work to watch a bit. We went to two spots;

  • Right on the crossroads at Wheddon Cross (pictures above)
  • Right next to the third points Sprint on (the continuation of) Wembdon Road called Quantock Road.

I forgot to take many pictures as I was concentrating on keeping my little camera steady and let the riders pass. I might be able to get some stills….still.

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I’m currently uploading (unedited) videos to YouTube, but that takes a while. They will appear below later.

What is most apparent from the videos is the large amount of time spent doing nothing as a spectator! I was prepared for this, and left the camera rolling to pick up the various going’s on; but even so, it’s all over in a flash and then, they’re gone.
Hopefully the little videos will trap some of this boredom and also the vast array of support vehicles.
The race had all ingredients of the British Summer, indeed, it has it’s own weather on Exmoor so even if it’s fine down here on the levels, it can be raining on Exmoor.
The weather didn’t let anyone down. It rained and rained just like it usually does! So slippy-dippy roads made a few crashes. We saw one exposed and bloody buttock and thigh and one similarly bloody arm and elbow. There may have been others – they went past too fast.

Results Now In!

Wheddon Cross #1

First rider comes through

Wheddon Cross #2

Second and Third rider comes through

Wheddon Cross #3

First main grouping from the bunch comes through. Notice a bit later the mad Italian support car trying to squeeze through a gap that doesn’t exist!

Wheddon Cross #4

Second larger group comes through. Notice the last rider past has had a fall and seriously damaged his backside and thigh – ouch, that smarts.

Bridgwater Sprint #1

The third sprint of the race is on Quantock Road, Bridgwater. The commentator car stops to give the vast crowd an update on the proceedings. Before he’s finished, the situation changes with a chase group catching the main group that is now in the lead.

Bridgwater Sprint #2

The third sprint of the race is on Quantock Road, Bridgwater. Three riders cross the (talcum powder) line having pulled slightly clear from the main bunch of 8-9 riders who follow slightly behind.

Bridgwater Sprint #3

The third sprint of the race is on Quantock Road, Bridgwater. Two riders jink for the remaining points followed shortly by the first following group from the peleton.

Bridgwater Sprint #4

After a very long while, a sole rider passes the now depleted crowds (many had to go and pick the kids up from school!)

Bridgwater Sprint #5

After a very, very long while, the main bunch containing about 75% of the field comes through. Old woman comments that there are more motorbikes than cycles! Finally the support motorcade comes through. (one rider, #46 I think, came through about 20-30 mins later but wasn’t captured in the camera)

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. Licky me! er…. He’s almost governor, but not yet.
    He’s actually gonna do next year’s Tour de France because he’s seen all the old fogies win Olympic medals, and he’s losing his profile for his cancer work, so he’s decided, as a double-edged sword to do the race and get more promo for his cancer cause. He’s also still got a really big competitive urge – there are pictures on the web of him seriously competing in recent MTB races etc. See

    I agree about Alice, but don’t embarrass her!

  2. How licky you are to see the race!!!!!!!!!!!!1 And I’m baking in italy where lance Armstrong is on all the news for standing for governor of Texas or something. It’s 30 degrees here and hard to imagine the weather you are showing on this film. I suppose it must be true though. alice looks incredibly beautiful.

  3. re: the last video. if your talking about the bloke that went past the house who i saw through the window i think it was no.45…

    on itv4 they didnt even show bridgwater! outraged!!! xxx

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