BBC Science Disguised as Validation for 911, Bush Continues to Lose Influence

In this piece, Fusion power seeks super steels, and trying to use some of the news spill from the LHC, Jennifer Carpenter says;

Scientists say an understanding of how the Twin Towers collapsed will help them develop the materials needed to build fusion reactors.

Er, No.  It’ll teach them to stay on the right side of government. 😕

She continues;

The New York buildings fell when their steel backbones lost strength in the fires that followed the airplane impacts.

Before everyone says “of course” and “oh no, another conspiracy bloke..” check out this page for instance, that details large skyscrapers on fire for protracted periods, one of which even partly collapsed!  There are copious properly referenced links.  Same as here, here and here.

garibaldi_5_e__1_.jpgSo only the bits that get hot lose strength.  Remember, only a very small part of the twin towers were on fire; the whole core of the building was seriously intact (or should have been because as everyone knows, heat goes up).  Like this volcano core.

Skyscrapers have survived pancaking of the floors that burned without total collapse.  Indeed, one of the photos in the links above has a fire with more floors above it (and thus more weight) than either of the twin towers’.   Buildings that have completely collapsed don’t look like a nice pile of rubble unless it’s they’ve been brought down with a controlled explosion.

180px_Robert_Ballard_at_TED_2008_1_.jpgThe twin towers should actually have looked a bit like the Titanic on the bottom of the ocean.  The “core” of the ship was intact and all the decking bent downward by it’s high speed splat onto the ocean floor.

It’s a good example of the effect of large forces as applied to large steel structures, usually made as a rectangular network of girders with extra triangulation for rigidity.

madridspain_1_.jpgCompare it to the Madrid building fire which lasted a whole day and a had some floor collapse.  The core remained.

The floors collapsed but eventually they reach a level where the steel is stronger and also the material is compacting and making it’s own self-re-inforced blockage to collapse, like hair down a plughole…

Any excess falling material cascades over the sides, much like the material that makes a volcano.

US marks seventh 9/11 anniversary

This was said about George Bush;

“The president thinks about 9/11 every single day when he wakes up and before he goes to bed,” White House press secretary Dana Perino said on Wednesday.

I imagine that initially he was thinking “Job Done” as he’s so fond of saying.  Nowadays, if it’s at all possible, I imagine he’s thinking his whole world is one of Rumsfeld’s “unknown knowns” or something.

Every possible plot that they’ve started with him at the helm has backfired and weakened America in the eyes of everyone in the whole world except for a large segment of the USA population who are insular, inward looking, poorly educated god-fearing types who blame all failure on someone else, preferably with swarthy skin.  They fail to acknowledge that it’s their conspicuous consumption that has left little in the US “pot” of natural resources, so much so that now they’re planning to dig up Alaska!  And what then afterwards?

It’s slowly dawned on George Bush though.  His spectacular showing of ineffectual diplomacy in Georgia has made all nations wake up and bristle with natural pride instead of cow-towing to his ecomomic might….

Today, (9/11 day, ha ha!),  to add more fuel to the world’s instability, we have:

Russian bombers land in Venezuela

Freely-elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has developed close relations with Russia on arms and oil, announced that two Tu-160 bombers would carry out manoeuvres, saying that it was part of a move towards a “multi-polar world”. “I’m going to fly one of those beasts,” he joked. “The Yankee hegemony is finished,” he said.

N Korea ‘builds new missile site’

Latest in a long line of twitchings and prods at the outside world by the North Koreans

And for the final dig at an outgoing oil-financed regime and a shot across the bows to an incoming one, we have;

US oil officials in sex scandal

Large US oil companies have been ripping off Uncle Sam’s taxes.

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  1. Chavez? Probably, especially as he’s sat on an ocean of oil right on America’s doorstep. In the early 70’s they got rid of the similarly elected President Allende in Chile which was much further away with and with less immediate wealth to steal.
    But the point is that because of a resurgent Russia who sit on half the world’s gas and minerals and are prepared to trade with anyone, the US has been effectively neutered for direct action. The Iraq thing tied to Afghanistan and Bin Laden etc was an excuse for action in the old style. Russia was just gathering confidence in 2001 whereas now they feel empowered, especially with an ensconced oligarchy with an inbuilt continuity to further their plans.

    The military movements in the Caribbean are a small precursor of something that could conceivably rival Cuba in 62 as a worrying sore on America’s backside.

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