God’s Will has to be Done in Unifying People and Companies to Get that Gas Pipeline Built so says Palin.

I’ll repeat that:

“[…]and pray about that also,…I think,…God’s Will has to be Done in Unifying People and Companies to Get that Gas Pipeline Built” – Sarah Palin, potential Vice President of America.

This is astounding and a most bizarre speech of encouragement to make to educated people in a modern Western Democracy.

No it isn’t!  She’s a nutter!  It’s what nutters do!

While fishing around the web I spotted a post by the entertainingly toxic Postman Patel’s blog here, http://postmanpatel.blogspot.com/2008/09/ms-sarah-palin-good-ol-hooker-hockey.html

The Postman posted a YouTube link about Sarah Palin, the devil, which has not surprisingly been pulled because of some “breaches” (read as embarrassing).  So I started to track it down.  I think this is it here.

A short clip from it is here below, which is what I’ve quoted as this post’s title. https://youtu.be/LS_VduCWhzM

I do believe that it’s possible to strip out virtually any sentence of the homey vitriolic stupidity that emerges from Palin’s gob, write it down, and stare at the words, endlessly marvelling at the stultifying inanity of it all, and that millions of supposedly educated Americans think it’s “a good thing”.

This post https://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2008/09/09/palin_fundamentalist/ from Juan Cole is a most elevating and well-researched piece, far better than my initial diatribe here, and pointed me to the YouTube clip above.  I urge people to read it and follow the links through.

Not only does he run through all her nasty ideas; anti-abortion, censorship, removal of rights, creationism, pro-exploitation of countries and peoples etc, he also gives references for every statement so that the devil condemns herself from her very mouth – except, perhaps, if you’re a nutter like her and agree with her folksy jingoism. (“pray for our boys in Iraq doing god’s work for America in the pursuit of freedom” – you can’t make it up, can you.)

p.s. The Postman has another adjacent post which included something on the Devil’s Spectacle Frame here, http://postmanpatel.blogspot.com/2008/09/salvia-divinorum-opens-another-door-of.html Yes, you’ve guessed it, Palin wants to ban Sage or something.  Of all the problems with the world, this has to be ant-sized – it’s really just a staggering sleight of hand designed to distract attention from her main sewage-like pronouncements.

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