We are Less Safe with an America diminished, Powerless in a Resurgent World


This Associated Press article,  Analysis: North Korea nuclear deal falling apart, points out yet another consequence of the failings of policy and purpose from the outgoing George W Bush USA administration.

As I pointed out in the second part of my article, bbc-science-disguised-as-validation-for-911-bush-continues-to-lose-influence, it’s the continuing failure in all areas of American life that have given all countries, especially those with a grudge, renewed confidence to act unilaterally in any way they choose, free in the knowledge that the US is both morally and financially bankrupt both literally and metaphorically.

For months, Bush et al have been working out a plan to neuter the military aspirations of one of the countries belonging to his self-proclaimed axis of evil.  Following a few bits of brinkmanship by both sides, it looked like an end could be finally and officially made to the Korean War (which even now, is still only in a state of truce).

But that’s now fallen apart; first by the missile testing referred to in my article and here, and now by the declared intention by N Korea to use some of the nuclear material from US sponsored power generation as material in nuclear arms.

This has everything to do with the current illness of the N Korean dictator who will have many minions itching for power, and the current parlous state of the USA in everyone’s eyes.

Basically, no-one is afraid anymore, and given that the balance of power that’s existed in the world for half a century has been maintained by fear – a fear of mutually assurred destruction (MAD), this cannot be good.


Not surprisingly, the force behind the weakening power of MAD, is the USA, which continues to strive towards the goal of a survivable nuclear weapons exchange by it’s scientific and military research into a “nuclear weapons shield”.  This is the mindset – they think something, therefore it’s possible, whatever the consequences.

There have been various attempts at this, starting with Reagan.  Mostly, they are driven by right-wing elements, GW Bush being the latest.  But instead of making the USA (and the world) safer, it’s had the opposite effect…

No one is afraid anymore.

Everyone in the world now thinks that “if the USA isn’t worried, then why should we be?”.  It’s almost as if a whole part of history has been erased from the collective memory of mankind.

A nuclear war is now seen as limited in effect and possible to win…!!   ?

This is the problem when people are not educated properly and disregard simple common sense and observable scientific fact.  When biblical myth muddies clear-thinking reason.

In a nutshell;

  • We all breathe the same air
  • The air circulates around the world
  • The air goes round in about a week or so
  • The air is full of clouds and dust

Chernobyl LegacyThat’s all you need to know apart from a few nuclear things;

  • Nuclear bombs make dust
  • They make a lot of dust
  • The dust is radio-active
  • If the bomb doesn’t kill you, the dust will – very, very, painfully.

And finally, a few observations on human behaviour;

  • People act in a tit-for-tat manner
  • If someone shoots a bullet, the other person will fire two back
  • This applies to nuclear bombs
  • The world still has tens of thousands of nuclear bombs

Anyone who thinks that all the bombs will not be let loose as fast  as possible is deluding themself – it’s part of human nature.

The final act of self-delusion, is that these people think that after a nuclear exchange, the world will continue much as before…!!  ?

nuclear winterThey think that:

  • they’ll still have shopping malls and banks.
  • Cars will driven to cinemas and to see grandma.
  • Foreign holidays will still be taken in nice friendly countries.
  • Farms will still supply all the food which will be clean and wholesome.
  • The rain will still fall, clean and wholesome.  And we can drink it.

They’re living in a dream-world.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.