Nazis in Somerset

Actually, I don’t count Redhill as part of Somerset – it’s really part of Bristol, with all that entails…

Family flee neo-Nazi rally Nazi comments caught on camera

When I saw the headlines last night, I thought, “surely some exaggeration”.  Well apparently not!  Hordes of Nazi types really did descend on a skanky motel-ish camping-type pub near Bristol airport over the weekend.  The Bungalow at Redhill played host to a world invasion supposedly celebrating the death of some person who died in a car crash in the early nineties.

This guy, SlackBastard, (in Oz I think because he has a lot of Aussie related stories), nevertheless is on the ball when it comes to events in sunny Somerset.  His posting early today, Blood & Honour 2008 ISD gig : Red Hill, Somerset is spot on with his analysis of the denial that the owner, Anne Carter, has over any possible nefarious activities.

Unfortunately for her, she condemns herself from her very lips.  In the video she expresses dismay and confusion that anything improper had happened, while nearby neighbours, doing what everyone does nowadays, videoed the lot!

Anne Carter’s words saying she never saw any Nazi regalia means that she was either dead drunk in the cellar, or is registered blind, or is a liar.

I suggest that the next such B&H/ISD gathering will be beside another rural airport as the logistical co-incidence behind the group’s chosen site is too great.  Here’s where the pub is next to Bristol Airport.

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SlackBastard shows no fear and seems to relish the stream of vindictive comments that arrive on his doorstep. Fair play mate. Keep it up!

By Strangely

Founding member of the band Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England


  1. Hi Darren.
    Your comment is appreciated but somewhat off-topic.

    My point is that the owner of the place condemned herself from her very lips by claiming that she saw no nazi stuff nor heard any nazi chanting. The video proved otherwise.

    Furthermore, it was not a patriotic gathering as you say. In fact people had flown from across the globe to partake in the event. It was the latest in a string of such global gatherings and as such, even the most feeble-minded person can tell the difference between patriotism and globalism.

    If you see nazism as patriotism as you seem to be implying, I suggest you move to naziland – oops, you can’t, because my father and many millions like him stood up and defended this land for me against twats like them.

    Otherwise, the bulk of your rant seems to be centred on homosexuals which is totally out of context with my posting. But in the event you’d wish to talk about it again, please bear in mind that paedophilia has existed since the dawn of time and “gay pride”, as you put it, has been going just 30 years.
    Furthermore, as you well realise, there is no connection whatsoever between homosexuality, paedophilia, lack of patriotism or AIDS except in your mind.
    To clarify the last point, AIDS is only the latest in a long line of fast-mutating diseases to afflict humans. It’s not a curse from a god or gods.
    And there a lot nastier diseases of the body and mind that can affect peoples and nations.

    I’ll let you carry on around the web shoving your sixpence-worth in all the newsgroups etc that have now picked up the subject of “Nazis in Somerset”.

    Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. Now go and upset a few old soldiers. Please.

  2. Funny how if there was a gay pride rally in Somerset, people would be encouraging it and the place would probably win some award for “culture” or “arts”, so gay pride is allowed? But British pride and White pride are not allowed?

    You’d be quite happy for filthy gays to walk the streets spreading their perverted filth? But you’re not happy for people to spread patriotism?

    What would you rather have, your kids asking “daddy, why are two men kissing?” or “daddy, what does that flag mean?”

    Promoting gay pride is one reason that we have peadophiles.

    Take your political correctness and AIDS-fests somewhere else.

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