George Bush Inc: Bluff Called in Nuclear Poker Game.

p_hatching_1_.jpgWell the chickens are not only coming home to roost – they’ve actually laid eggs and the chicks are starting to hatch, like a plot from a sixties spy paperback.

Today’s news, (Russia to upgrade nuclear systems), that the Russians are initiating plans for their own missile defence shield shows what happens when god-fearing idiots are put in charge of anything more complicated than a school hockey match.

The tit-for-tat arms race that I predicated would happen if steps towards peace weren’t followed, is now happening.  As I’ve said previously in various ways, most recently here, the “missile shield” concept as a way of surviving nuclear missile attacks, is like following the warblings of a mad fool in a dream.

The scope of any nuclear release makes their use far, far worse than the odd conventional bomb getting through.  And much worse than the cheery optimism in this US film from the cold war era.  Remember, all the film mentions is one carefully staged test explosion at a time.  A full nuclear exchange will involve thousands raining down, many hopelessly off course due to EMP or other damage.  The film can’t hide the effect of ruptured gas mains etc on any fires or the effect of EMP disruption on radio and civil services .

What the USA started and now Russia is completing by squaring the circle, is a means for people to believe that a nuclear exchange is not only survivable by many, but that the whole fabric of a nation state can survive an exchange of nuclear weapons.

In fact, it leaves the unfortunate impression in people’s minds that an exchange or “initial strike” is desirable and even preferable, to dialogue and agreement between sentient beings to resolve differences.

GN0307_NUCLEAR_BLAST_1_.jpgAs I tried to explain, people’s propensity for tit-for-tat action, means that a limited exchange of weapons cannot happen – it will very rapidly escalate, faster than anyone can react, so that everything that could be fired, would be fired, totally opposite to the filmed scenario of a single explosion in the YouTube clip above.

And the consequences of that are a virtually uninhabitable world and the collapse of languages, literature and creativity into an abyss of deformed, mutant, hunter gatherer tribes, living on the margins of existence.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.