So Much for Military Might!

In an interesting twist to the news today, both the UK military, the US military, the Russian military and the Ukrainian military have shown themselves to be totally useless!

The UK have had RAF personnel files stolen from a high security base in Gloucestershire!  Personnel records stolen from MoD In the current climate, this is actually worse than leaving them on a disc in the back of a taxi!

And even worse still, if that’s possible, and given all the posturing, the combined might of the US Sixth Fleet, the Russian Meditteranean Fleet,and the Ukrainian Navy cannot protect a Ukrainian export to Kenya from being hijacked by pirates in dinghies!

Here are some comparisons:

Russian ship

American Ship

Ukrainian Ships

Somali Pirate Ship

So what exactly do they do with all the money that’s given to them to "protect" us?

By Strangely

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