Install theme from Rome-Total War

Daft innit. I think it’s great. It only appears to be in the install, which takes ages and is in the menus for a bit. The actual game doesn’t appear to have it although thematically the in-game music is similar.

The chords are very like I Predict a Riot, but slower – big jumps with the highlight on a F to C# sequence. It’s almost John Barry, like Thunderball in the underwater bits or OHMSS.

This is the Jeff Van Dyke, the composer and this is his tune, Credits Forever,  with his missus, Angela singing, I think.

This is it on YouTube, as it appears on the game install.

By Strangely

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  1. Nah AlkaSura – they’re not funny enough for me, and I hated that sort of stuff at the time. Seona Dancing is funnier and Ricky Gervais wasn’t even trying. Mind you, the tortuously circular spoof that he’s invented in the Bowie thing kicks it right back at us all, with him as the patsy in the middle silently laffing at us laffing at him.

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