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Last updated on December 1st, 2010

In an earlier post I mentioned that my camera, a Fuji F30 was broken and anyone could have it, if they asked because I was going to get a new one.

Well that all changed.  And some people missed out on making money 😉

After some research into the current crop of cameras and doing my own personal cost-benefit analysis, I decided to get the thing fixed!

In reality, the only thing that would improve the F30 for me would be a bit more optical zoom.  It fulfills all my current needs of being able to fit in a pocket and give good snaps without fannying around with settings.  The ultimate cheap point and shoot.

The newer Fuji models like the F100 have more zoom, but less features than the F30.  I saw picky comments on the lens quality as well.  The same went for other makes of camera.   On further research, my plan of getting a second-hand F30 seemed a bit optimistic!  They are currently going on eBay etc for more than I paid two years ago! Like here, until it disappears.


This finally went for £176.50.  I’ve also seen them for £190 on eBay and 250 Euro from Italy.  Same goes for the F31fd…

So going to the Fuji service centre, they quoted £89.99 all in, for a repair – any repair!

Now, thanks to Steven White at the said centre, the thing has come back with new;

  • PF06011-100 Lens Assembly F30/F31FD
  • PU03298-100 Front Cover F30
  • PU03301-100 Rear Cover F30

It took him 12 minutes according to the job sheet!

And it seems to work.  I’m not sure if the barrel distortion is up to my old lens, but maybe I’m just looking harder now after seeing comparative tests on the web.  I certainly can’t do a comparison with my old one!

Only time will tell.

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