Oct 062008

Last updated on November 20th, 2015

Toddling off tonight with the dog, I had a little play with the thing.  Previously, here and here, I’ve talked about my knackered F30 camera.  I feel that its night vision isn’t the same as the previous one, but there is more lee-way with the settings.  What I mean is I think the ISO3200 is a bit fuzzier than previous but I can clean it up with a stand and judicious use of exposure and shutter settings.  I’ll have to take my mini-tripod out more often!  This is a gallery of snaps below.  They are all here. I played a bit with the extra chrome setting.  It seemed to make everything nice and yellow.  The docks were done with the camera on a ledge and a shutter of about a second. George the dog was his usual imperious and yet contrary self…

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  1. Long shot I know but is the camera still available?


    • @Jamie
      When you say ‘available’, do you mean to buy online or something? If so, you’ll have to do a search, same as me. When I last looked, it seemed to be one of the few cameras that was actually increasing in price, even though it was obsolete and was several models below the latest one. This shows the quality and usability of the thing, I think. Most cameras half in price every 8-12 months or so.

      BTW, it broke again (I think linked to it’s original dropping!). I’ve had it repaired so I’m going to send it off to Fuji as the repair has a years warranty…

      In the meantime, my new Panasonic TZ5 works fine and the zoom is great. It’s low light performance isn’t as good as the Fuji F30 and it takes a fraction longer to get a quick shot off from switch-on, though! But it’s pretty usable in almost any situation – and it does HD video! But there again, the video sound isn’t as good as the Fuji… But the rapid burst shots are really good… and the on-board computer does a good job of improving low-light pics…

      It’s all swings and roundabouts!

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