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I got an interesting letter through the letterbox in today’s post.  It’s from

They have an interesting way of making money.  It appears that they trawl around looking for domains that will expire in a few months, and then send off an “invitation” that look like an invoice under the assumption that the person is really busy and will sign off an invoice if it looks like one!!!.

When I worked at BRS, Margaret in the office was a stickler for this sort of con, and I mean con!  Once we went off and visited a “business” that had invoiced BRS for some “services rendered” or something.  It was a closed up shop down the back of a hairdresser’s down a back alley!

How we laughed and we laughed…

Now! Back to these twats.  They’re American but the letter came from

  • Domain Renewal Group
  • 56 Gloucester Road, Suite 526
  • London
  • SW7 4UB

No stamp on the return envelope mind!  The letter looked like a renewal invoice for a holding domain I have which expires next February.

In big bold letters it said:

  • Domain Name Expiration Notice
  • Reply Requested by: November 24, 2008

And they then proceeded to ask for £18.00 for a year –  they also insisted I include a valid email address for the renewal!!! –  and wanted payment by credit card.

Granted, in the letter they say it’s not a bill – but it bloody well looks like one at first glance , you twats and you know it.  A scan of one of the things is hereThis is another disgruntled person!

Anyway, I’d just like to inform people that my current registration holder will charge me the princely sum of £6.80 at the current exchange rate, and they’ve been pretty well okay since I’ve used them.

So if anyone’s got one of these “notices”, cut out the recycling middleman and use it straightaway for toilet paper.  Don’t always go by someone’s name or appearance.  To make  a small pun,

Domain Renewal Group are the real Jokers…

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.