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Thanked the “High Density” for citing Crawling Chaos as an inspiration. “My Realisation” sounds a bit like one of our experiments, so yes, I agree in part. The stuff on My Space is nowt like us though although we might’ve evolved had we progressed, but not like that, I hazard.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.

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  1. I received the following message from Mark @ High Density.

    “Its good 2 c THE BIG C album on there. I havent heard it myself, so I will enjoy listening to that. The tracks that I put on the site were just thrown on in a bit of a rush. I will b replacing them at some point with my better tracks.

    Im from lovely sunny Blackpool. Was originally from Exeter. The band Im in is called The Underground. Its more early 90s indie kind of sound.

    I have actually done my own recording of HARRY. I loved that track & had 2 have a go at it. I put my own vocals on it, which arent the best, but Im pleased with the more or less finshed product.

    Love the website! Very informative. It has filled lots of gaps in my


    I’ve had a think about this. Firstly, it’s nice to have someone cite the work we did as having a positive influence on their life – unlike twat Sweeting etc.
    Secondly, I think I’ll see about collating all the covers of our Crawling Chaos music and sticking them out into the public domain from this site – kind of a “compare and contrast” or something. It could be good.
    Thirdly, I’ve put a link on the Crawling Chaos site to the page citing our reference. I may do this for other citations on the web, bring a bit more focus in I think.
    Fourthly, Harry was a Holly creation and I discussed it at quite reasonable length on the main Crawling Chaos site. I think more people should do it – like Genesis P orrige or Harry Connick Jr say.

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