No Badgers seen for a While on my Walks.

I think I’m the last one to find everything out, sometimes.  😕 The badger(s) that I’ve seen over the years and managed to get a photo on my Fuji F30 back in June, live a bit along the canal apparently.  This notice by the company that made a little housing development makes this clear.

New homes but badgers keep their old ones

It looks like the building work spurred the creatures to move about a bit more than they’ve done previously, as when I took the photo, I’d actually seen the thing several times just before that night.  One night, I nearly stood on it!  We both got quite a shock! 😯

Earlier this year, I found evidence of several “trial” digging sites on my walks.  It’s all quiet now, but that could be because all the verges have been hacked right back for a few months, removing a large amount of potential cover.

Still, it’s nice to see one right outside the house in the middle of a town!

By Strangely

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