Privacy. Today, we took it back and blocked mass government surveillance.

Privacy.  It is Starting to Work!

Huge parts of the web are off limits to bulk snooping by Corporations and Governments. We are resetting the net!

Privacy.  That Was Epic!

That Was Epic!

Today, we took back privacy and blocked government surveillance.   It’s still not possible to be totally safe on-line.  But we have made it harder.  Much Harder.  A host of well-known internet names have not only pledged support for online freedom, privacy and personal security  – they’re actually doing it right now!  See below!


For myself, you can find me here for a few weeks.  After this time, I will be still operating as a relay, but operating anonymously. There will be a different fingerprint and different ports – currently I’m using fairly standard ports.  So why make it easy for governments and corporate snoops.   Make it hard.  Make it harder.  Make bulk snooping a thing of the past.

Trust no-one.

People should not be afraid of their governments

Governments should be afraid of the people

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  1. Strangely( author ) :

    Jun 10, 2014 11:49 am |

    Now I’m a bridge relay…
    The thing is, if I can do this, anyone can. If, instead of just a few thousand enlightened individuals did this, a million or 10 million did it……
    …..then the privacy of everyone would be enhanced, governments would actually do targeted surveillance like they should be doing and we’d see an end to blanket spying on the population.