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interesting kit
what do you think?

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  1. hey martin, have you seen the picture the guy has added of the mixers guts interesting 2 p

  2. Yeah Right Paul! as a quick search found, is a studio that bizarrely uses one of these things. It’s a battery powered 3 channel mic mixer, which is what you want, so geddit! Check out the picture of the 2″ tape deck as well. It must be okay cos they’ve got a wodge of gear in there, a lot like the kind of stuff you are after. I guarantee that if it works it’s got loads of “analgue sound”. Ha Ha.

    I think the weight is due to the die-cast box and also the battery inside. The box looks bulletproof! Make sure the battery hasn’t leaked or the guts’ll be fucked for sure. The thing is designed for external use but the input XLR connectors are on the bottom and may be dirty or corroded (you can see the little rubber stands). They can be easily replaced.

    To try and buy a box like that new would cost more than 15 quid. You could fit a modern PC on a micro ATX board in there. Now there’s a project!


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