Thank you Crawling Chaos!

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Sep 102007

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Hi! Im Mark of High Density & Id like to thank Crawling Chaos for providing such a fantastic website. I have been listening to Crawling Chaos for a while now & they have provided me with much inspiration in my solo project. Although it is not directly influenced, I have learnt that doing something completley different, despite what others think, gives me so many different areas in which I can explore musically.

Many thanks to Crawling Chaos for opening up my eyes to a different genre in music, which can never be repeated.

Mark (High Density)

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  1. Well said Mark – and thanks. It’s so easy to just stick within the confines of a naming convention. Obviously Crawling Chaos covered and created musical styles with a broad brush, for quite a mixed bag of reasons as I have tried to explain and document on

    I’m glad that you dared to be different without copying – it’s quite a hard thing to do, and that you used Crawling Chaos’s methods but not sounds as a template.


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