Standard Operational Amplifier (op-amp) Circuits


ETI Standard OpAmp Circuits
ETI Standard OpAmp Circuits

This scan is from my old ETI Circuits #2 from the 70’s.  It’s about the best op-amp info you are likely to find.  With a bit of knowledge, these six circuits are an instant ready-reckoner and allow you to do almost anything!

If you’ve no knowledge, they’re just squiggles on paper.  But then so is any language on paper…

Studiomaster Mixdown 16-4-8, 16-8-16: Channel Schematic

If you want to learn then they are ideal to have sat next to a larger circuit to help with the comprehension process.  Like your mixer project!  BTW, how’s it going with that?

Because of some recent site activity, I’ve checked and realised a picture was missing from a previous post here: so I’ve updated that and added a bit of info from the same mag above.  There’s shedloads in it.  I can see why I never chucked it out now!  I’ve found someone here in Australia with the same disposition as me – check the circuits!  Nice and simple, and you’ll get that authentic analogue sound, as well as getting some understanding along the way.

Most of this sort of information I vigorously used and modified (along with other stuff, of course), to make our Crawling Chaos hardware.  So it does work!  😀

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