Interesting Attack from an Anonymous Russian “Friend”, Ha Ha!

I hope everyone is fully aware by now about my opinions on anonymous commentary and spammers.  Er.. yes… they’re shit.  And what I do is fully explained in my site privacy policy, here.

Anyway, my Russian friend left a little note, which I’ll leave, here, because in itself, it’s pretty innocuous.  However, visitors to my site don’t see the whole picture.  Here’s the bits you missed, below.  I’ve deliberately not hyper-linked to anything.  Copy and paste at your own peril.  If you have an un-patched Windows machine on a network, you may have some interesting happenings…Tough shit in that case.

  • Name:  anonymous
  • Website:
  • Time of comment: 2008/10/24 at 1:44 PM
  • Email address: this link is included to enable email bot harvesters!
  • IP Address:

Now, the IP address is a part of a standard Russian Federation IP address block, Skynet.  The email address, probably dead or spoofed, I’m hardly likely to reply 😕  It’s a bit sad though that I’m now considering blocking all of Russia because of some twat gangster robber types.

Bizarrely, or by design, isn’t Skynet the fictional computer company that goes mad and takes over the world with machines in Terminator?   !!

The good bit happens if you enter the IP Address into your browser address bar….It instantly redirects!

However, it redirects to

This of course, is part of the block of addresses designated for the use of local networks.  There are three blocks, A,B & C.  I use C internally as do most home routers.

Strangely Perfect Spam Spike

So what the page is trying to do is run locally some pre-installed code which it’s expecting to find in some sub-folders.  Of course, you have to ask yourself how such code could be installed on your local network or PC?  And that’s when I laughed, oh how I laughed and laughed.  I remember how I’ve had a bit of a spam spike recently (see screen dump).

Surely the two events are connected?  And if they are, it’s a good example of keeping on top of your updates and security.  Maybe it’s connected to the panicky windows alert yesterday?  This update is to do with something called a “Remote Procedue Call” which sounds like this twattish effort from my new Russian friend.  I’m not an expert;  I’m just commenting on the effects of actions I see and their probable causes.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. I apologize for a spam it there was a test of my new program…. It was not necessary to plant such buffoonery

    I’ve replaced Ganster’s URL with this link to a google translated page, because I cannot read it – it’s all in Russian, and I’m a bit thick like that -SP

    It’s a website selling air-guns that look like real to my eyes. As a Buddhist, you know how I feel about weapons and war etc… However, the website is hosted on an American server, even though it’s Russian and uses Russian yandex email….. watch and wait…… watch and wait. -SP

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