How Many Blog Spam Bastards Have I Actually Blocked?

spam_filter_software_1_.gifWell it’s hard to say, actually.  I run this site on WordPress which dynamically uses a backend database and various plugins.  The thing is that I chop and change the various blocking systems for testing, failures, experiments and even because I like the name!  There a host of reasons.

But my website has had millions of hits.  Of course, it has thousands of pictures and links so each one of these is a hit.  But I’ve had tens of thousands of page hits…

So how much spam?

Here’s the totals I’ve got per “system” that are still hanging round my “to use” box:

What’s it all mean?  Only that;

  • there is more than one block method,
  • there is more than one attack method
  • not all the systems have been used all the time
    • and they weren’t all used from the beginning
    • and I’ve dumped stats at various times
  • some methods interact
    • and thus don’t work together well
    • or duplicate some functionality
  • I like trying new stuff
  • The bad people like to try new stuff as well!

Of course, my normal emails are blocked by other means.  I use a local program on my computer called MailWasher Pro that checks the POP3 and IMAP mails while they are still on the mail servers before I download them to my PC.  I’ve used it for several years now and it’s good.  There are other solutions dependant on how much you want to pay and if you are a sole person or business etc.  It’s horses for courses.

Happy blogging!

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.

One comment

  1. Akismet 19016 –> 22180
    TanTanNoodles 7946 –> 10877

    It’s not the actual values that’s astonishing. It’s the fact that these numbers have gone up in half a day, which is more spam than I’ve had in a year! Really popular sites have much larger figures. I wonder if they are seeing the same percentage changes as me??

    As an aside, another plugin I use, which shows on the front screen is Wassup. Well, I’ve had to reset my database storage size to take all the hits! When I’ve time, I’ll go through the IP addresses and let everyone know who’s the worst. Ha Ha. My daytime job is making databases and analysing data. Easy-peasy for me really – it’s just finding the time…..
    If it carries on, htaccess will need some work doing.. or maybe it has already, I’m just musing.

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