Snap shots

Love the new snap shots addition

Also sent you a link with more interesting DIY

See you Sun


  1. The snapshots plugin was a test. I’ve decided that all these ‘features’ that chuck popups in front of the text the user is trying to read, are completely pants. I don’t like it so I don’t ask my viewers to be treated to it! There are lots of other less annoying bits of eye candy to use….

  2. Hi Paul
    I followed your link at

    Hi Paul

    It’s all as we talked about before. You can see a buss is just a wire. In a power staion the main buss-bars that come out of the alternators are the same – except it’s a great big fuck off lump of copper about two foot cross section and 100 foot long!
    The amps seem to be the kind of thing you are after. Have you followed the links through? There’s a bunch of folk and they seem to have three/four bands with various permutations of members but all with Tim Marcus. So many beards…

    I love the bass sound on this track, it’s so full and smooth “When He Fights” It’s very REM-like, I like it.

    Check out “The Gun Show” – to the point!

    Also check out the two videos lower down. They made me laff! Pretty good design and implementation. “Girl of My Dreams” has a classic line –

    I would never have guessed,
    What you’d look like undressed.

    “Living with Ronald Reagan” is a humorously made video under a bridge. I like stuff under bridges! I love the woman with the white gloves and red tights – I mean in a sex way, not musically!

    The MilkmanSound stuff I don’t like. But you can hear the good mix of electronic and “analogue” sound that you like…

    More than enough for any man.
    See you tomorrow!


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