Back to Normal with Fear and Loathing in the UK and Russia

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Now we are fully sated in our lust for fresh information on the Credit Crunch and the US Presidential elections, we can now see what’s really going on in the world as the news organs adjust focus for something else to talk about as Ross and Brand are old hat now.

Wack Backy JacquiApart from the potential for some really dire happenings in the DR Congo, we have UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith pushing for the inanity of ID Cards to counter “terror” again, and also Putin’s wheeler dealerings in Russia coming home to roost.

Just remember, Putin started his push to end where he is now in the early 1990’s when wacqui bacqui Jacqui was still teaching er… economics.  It’s all here in today’s news!

People ‘can’t wait for ID cards’ – says Jacqui Smith!  (I don’t know if it’s anyone outside her office or not, maybe it’s the cleaner 😕 )

Putin could return as Russia’s President as early as 2009 – says “The Times”

The last bit can be sourced in the Russian daily Vedomosti here: google english translation.

Putin, former KGB power monger has always had a big plan.  But you know what it is, it’s his job, it’s what he’s always been like!

Former economics teacher Smith on the other hand, has only gut reactions to minor problems and is now trying to plunge us all into a world of fear and doubt again.  But there is no terror.  Terror is a state of mind.  In fact, it’s an hypnotic state of this and the previous Blair government’s mind, hysterically trying to cling to power or dream up new wheezes to justify their positions.

playing_cards.jpgSo the real news is that Putin is in charge, as he always was, and will be for a long time yet.  Despite his failings and the failings of the Russian system, I believe he has a real mandate from the Russian people for his position.  He has actually pulled his country round, which is something the United States’ population have been yearning for, as demonstrated by the recent Obama victory.

The other real news is that Smith is being a bossy teacher, doing her “I know best” thing, when in actual fact, under her charge, our personal security and data (because that’s also our security, in this interconnected world) is like a deck of cards dropped on a casino floor.

An ID Card will be just another joker in the pack…on the floor, for all to see and use.  And our UK government has proven it’s got a very low mandate for it’s current actions.

Now that’s real terrorism!

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.