Wow! Number 10 Gets Blogging on WordPress!

I’ve had to clean up a little link-rot that’s built up over the last few days.  I use the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin – it’s quite neat and easy actually.

One thing I did was a link to our very own UK governments’s Number 10, here

The front end is a neat little blogging affair.  It’s certainly the way forward.  They’ve ditched the old asp way of working and gone php, and it looks like WordPress!  Most identifying code has been removed from the source, at least when I quickly scanned it.  They use caching called super cache in the tail end of the code.  It could be wp-supercache…  Whatever.  The less the bad guys know then the harder it is to crack I suppose, but that works two ways doesn’t it?  They advise to remove your WP codebase version, but on the other hand, sticking an old one in makes people waste time looking for doors that are already closed.  Whatever code is used, it has to be maintainable, so if they are using open-source they’ll have to strip out all identifiers for every update, plugins ‘n all.  Unfortunately, the number 10 gifs etc are all in the normal wp-content etc folder….  So it’s probably a bog-ish standard install.  Hopefully they’ve looked after the security a bit better than the data sticks, CDs, laptops, files…

They’re using Sitestat4 for their stats.  I dunno what that is.  I’ve tried a few and none add that moniker to the source.

I actually like it, for what it is.  It does the business, it’s got all the RSS whizz bangs and videos whirring…   It looks modern and efficient which is what I’d expect the government to be…(it’s a shame that much of government is hidden and sleazy, full of deceptive words with shambolic meanings – but there you are).

This was the page that broke;    It’s now been replaced by

So there you have it – ditch the output folder and chop off the asp to get all your lost pages!

And another high profile site goes WordPress!