Technology Showdown

Paul visited and demonstrated the operation of his EMU 1616 ,Reaper and Ableton Live. So I’ve bought the EMU (dead link) as it was going cheapish. I just got the 1616 not the 1616M as the latter is quite a bit more and you pay for the better S/N ratio. However, the plain vanilla 1616 has 112Db S/N ratio, which’ll do me fine. The bit-rate etc is the same

I just need some mics and stands and then we’re in business again! – well possibly a bit more than that.

I showed Paul the power of dynamically driven database sourced websites where content is totally separated from presentation. I do this using WordPress following some advice from Dan at Acute Records. I explained that my old host was packing it in so I had to find a solution for myself.

This is what I use to get stuff out…

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