Weird Chrome Tarnishes World’s Oldest Cycle Organisation

Following on from my trial with Opera after my trying times with Firefox and Pipex, I’ve given the new Google browser, Chrome a go.

So far it’s worked well, even as a beta.  It loads this website faster for me, as well as nearly everything else wonderfully, except…

Steep HillReally old Road Sign - pre 1893!This morning my regular CTC newsletter arrived by email. The CTC (Cyclists Touring Club) is the world’s oldest cycling organisation.  It campaigns vigorously for people’s rights and has been responsible, over the years, for many things we now take for granted – like road signs warning of a steep hill ahead!

Following the internal links, I was not amused to find that NONE of the CTC pages rendered properly with Chrome.  I thought the website was serving incorrectly, or the links or somthing, so I tested using IE7, Firefox & Opera, and refreshed all browsers and caches as necessary….

Nope!  Chrome doesn’t work on the CTC website!

All the pages are readable lower down, but all the menu systems are reading list-like from the top.  A bit like a WordPress install with no theme!

All the other browsers render it fine and all link functionality is there.  Oh dear!  BTW, I’m typing this using Chrome as it makes all the Java stuff a lot better.  There’s a lot of that on my website…

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