Gary Glitter, the New Akhenaten?

The Glitter Band

Gary Glitter, former prince of glam-rock; Paul Gadd, convicted paedophile.  They’re one and the same.

Now wait, recent events around Gadd-Glitter remind me of happenings a long time ago in Ancient Egypt….

King TutMost folk have heard of King Tutankhamun, the boy-king with the gold death mask.

AkhenatenNefertitiNot so many know that his (probable) dad was called Akhenaten whose wife was the famous Nefertiti.  Before his reign, Egypt had a religion with many gods to worship;  most people know the types: sun, moon, cats, hawks – you name it.

During his reign, Akhenaten decided that there should be one god (like, but very much pre-dating the later Jews, Christians and Muslims).  But by an amazing trickery of words, (sorry, a fine act of political skill ), he decided that this one god was embodied on Earth – by – yes, you’ve guessed it – himself!  This left loads of priests jobless and altered the whole power structure of the civilisation.

When he died, his successor, Tutankhamen didn’t last long – in fact he was probably bumped off.  You only have to look at all the unemployed and de-statused priests to look for clues….

Wall of FameMy point is that after his death, all traces of Akhenaten and his “religion” were deliberately erased from history!  His statues were smashed, his city in the desert destroyed, all mention of his name on temples, carvings, bas-reliefs and papyri was chiselled or hammered off!

And a similar thing is now happening to Mr Gadd.

There may be more – I couldn’t be bothered to hunt any more down.  But what it means is this:

  • The owner of the Cavern Club, Bill Heckle, picks and chooses which laws of the land are acceptable or not.  He’s now scribbled Glitter’s name off his wall of fame following a “media campaign”.
    • So both he and the “media” condone reckless drug taking in which many of the stars on the wall partake, (McCartney, say).
    • They imply that drugs are an excusable offence (check the law, they’re not).
    • Not only that, the celeb culture of drugs has led to a wholly un-natural demand that has ruined millions of lives and brought social deprivation to peoples across the globe.  (But amazingly, this isn’t as bad as one paedo who’s served his time….der!)  (added 28/11/2008: This page says that the brick is staying, although I think it’s outnumbered.  Also, Cavern Club website seems dead. SP)
  • The music of Glitter was once considered de-rigeur for parties, football grounds, boxing tournaments and even GCSE materiel.
    • Now it’s been scrubbed.
    • The government now decides study material based on an arbitrary value judgement of someone’s character, not their work.
    • They now decide what music is “worthy”.
      • Bizarrely, and hypocritically, the kids can study Hitler, Eichmann, William I, Henry VIII, Edward III, Gengis Khan, Stalin and loads of other odious mass-murdering real characters.
      • They can study the works and lives of Newton, Pascal, Bohr, Heisenberg and other nutters with severe personality disorders (the whole Manhattan Project was a kook’s paradise ).
      • The drug-fuelled ramblings of Victorian poets are required reading in English (the Ancient Mariner was written just up the road from me in an opium haze that lasted two years!).
  • But now, UK dot Gov has banned Glitter music study because of Gadd’s bad actions.
    • Remember, the music doesn’t promote deviant acts by word or metaphore.
    • It’s just a string of (generally uplifting) notes with a few camp words chucked on top of a beat.
    • They sold millions.
    • That is, millions thought Gadd was alright at the time.

Watch out for the thought police.

They’ll be round your house to smash your old K-Tel Records before you know it.

As an aside, but in a similar vein, “Rumble” by Link Wray, was banned over much of America because it “Glorified Juvenile Delinquency”……….And another der!….It’s got NO words.  It’s an instrumental.  Nuff said!

By Strangely

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