NOD32 gets abused by time-share touts (or something)

Today I’ve found something new, for me at least!  I’ve prattled on about how good I think NOD32 is as a piece of anti-virus software; low system utilisation, fast, effective, accurate, unobtrusive except when it needs to be…

It also has a pretty good introductory service as well, available here, say, on their UK website.  You get a fully working trial for a month and all the usual updates.   If you ever try it you won’t go back to Norton etc, guaranteed!   You’ll notice that the connection is secure and goes to the website….?  Well this is where it gets interesting.

Do a search for NOD32 on Google.  You’ll be presented with various genuine ESET & NOD32 websites.  However, sprinkled here and there, and also down the list of “preferred google partner -sponsored links” (a.k.a. sites that have paid for placement) you’ll find a few oddities.  Like so:


These two terrors have an astounding business model.

They get you to download the (apparently good and virus free -they claim) install file for NOD32 in several steps using SMS text to pay for each step! ( This is the same trial that you can download from ESET for nothing! ) They actually state on both sites that it’s just the trial – there is no licence!  So assuming the software works, you’ll need to renew it after a month!

If you want to cancel the one, then go to the ADR Tower in Panama City, because that’s where they hang out.  gooofull is registered in the UK, but is Spanish.  Speak to Andreas here about it.  Apart from paralleling the activities of UK energy companies who penalise the low paid by forcing them to use cash-stick gas and electric meters, I can’t think of a single reason to justify Andreas’ business.

Both sites do a host of other software, similarly advertised and with the same payment model.  Now, in summary,  compare and contrast the various methods to get NOD32 on-line …….

  • Getting NOD32 for 1 month from NOD32/ESET:  Cost Nothing
  • Getting NOD32 for 1 month from NOD-32/Soletto Group:  Cost ~4 Euro
  • Getting NOD32 for 1 month from Gooofull:  Cost £6

My advice in all this and when getting any software – get it from the people that make it.  I write code.  I know what can be in it.  I certainly wouldn’t get anything except a hat from Panama!

NOD32’s renewal costs are very cheap – less than £12 for a year inc VAT.  The first payment is a bit steep for one computer, £30, but if you have 3 or 4, the cost is less than £15 per computer.

There you are.  That’s my sales pitch and I didn’t get a penny!

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.