Cannot Find British National Party (BNP) membership and contacts list?

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Text and xls spreadsheet – it’s all here.

The Wikileaks site went a bit awry earlier today and then fell over completely (as of 20081119 20:31 GMT).  There sure are a lot of people who want to know lives round the corner!   😉 It’s back up now (20081120 20:24)

Wikileaks never went down because of hit volume for the Baer Bank scandal , the reIevant docs of which I made available from this website when it was brought down by a US judge.  In pure terms of deadly effect, the Baer one is much more insidious and much more dangerous.  It’s ramifications I think, will still be happening long after Giffengate is closed.

In a Nicky Campbell interview on Radio Five this morning, Nick Griffin’s comment that the BNP aren’t bonehead knuckle-scraping neo-nazis and are actually hated by them for being too soft, is like saying one nail through your foot is better than two nails through your foot.

They both hurt just the same!

He also blamed his problems on the “liberal elite”, a phrase he used as an expletive with some venom.  This means that being liberal (one who enjoys or promotes liberty) is a bad thing in the BNP book.   Liberty is “the quality or state of being free”, a very old concept.  So Griffen is wholly against Liberty, of that you can be sure. He & people like him prefer a life of non-freedom to one of liberty.

However, the very idea that he thinks our government is liberal shows how devilishly authoritarian he’d like our country to be.  IMHO, these are already very dangerous, divisive, authoritarian times we live in.  The UK’s draconian curtailment of personal freedom under the auspices of anti-terror and the continuing plans for ID Cards have seen to that.

To emphasise this point, this is what I said some months ago here:

  • If someone can get someone else locked away on their say-so for an increasingly indeterminate period, we have a police state.
  • If that person is a policeman, we have a police state.
  • If it’s against the law to tell anyone that someone has been locked up under these laws, we have a police state.
  • If the police pick and choose which laws to enforce, we have a police state.

That’s what it’s like now. The powers aren’t used much – but how would we know. If you hadn’t seen your friend for a year and no-one knew where he was, then who could you ask?

It’s unfortunate that the data release has increased the chances of identity theft for those people on the list.  It’s a modern phenomenon that governments and organisations of all shades seem to do with reckless abandon.  Everyone deserves peace and freedom, something that Giffen et al are obviously at pains to stifle.   –   It’s not for nothing that the French motto is Liberté, égalité, fraternité  –  it’s also not for nothing that they chopped the heads of everyone who was against that ideal! It’s unfortunate for those people on the list that the Buddhist law of cause and effect will be played out also.

But the argument that everyone is entitled to privacy with regard to their political affiliations wears a bit thin when one considers the fact that this reason was used when Lord Ecclestone of the Grand Pricks gave shed loads of hidden money to Labour and then fag advertising mysteriously continued for years incongruously slapped on the side of racing cars.

This single event wiped all the gloss from the astonishing 1997 Labour win.

(Since then, of course, Ecclestone has pulled and pushed to get all GP racing pulled from Britain….people actually begging him to keep Brand’s Hatch, Donnington, Silverstone…But that’s for another day)

So freedom, liberty, money, corruption, power.  They’re all connected and keep going round and round as one tries to curtail the other.

Eternal Vigilance!

My thoughts on anonymous dealings of a scurrilous nature are well versed on this website.  I’ve nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of – so why should anyone else be ashamed, except if they know their ideas are unlawful in either the actual or moral sense?  Me?  I used to be in the Labour Party. Why not now?  See here: goodbye-labour-party


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