More Cycling Problems

Bridgwater Piss Poor Cycle Commute

It continues to get harder to cycle down Bristol Road in Bridgwater. The evening queues start at the Chilton Trinity lights, up over the river, along Wylds Road and up Bristol Road past Express Park. A particularly dodgy bit is the right turn into Wylds Road where car drivers will do anything to get another 6 feet up the road. Cyclists are forced onto the pavements for (relative but illegal) safety, although cars drive along the footpaths to squeeze through. The NDR (Northern Distributor Road) has the most bizarre set of cycle paths around, the most complete waste of money in the town. The cars go in a virtually straight line along a 30mph road (cars usually do 45mph!). Their journey is often interrupted by cyclists crossing at pelican crossings. The horrendous costs of these crossings and the street furniture could have been mitigated by putting a cycle path each side of the NDR; but that’s too simple. I’ll take a picture of the £1000’s of signs along the route soon. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the road designer’s inanity/insanity at this Warrington site. Remember, the people who do this are paid out of our taxes. They are not comedians – it really is their job! They should be sacked and sent back to infant school as they are obviously either intellectually incompetent or criminally insane.

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