Somerset HQ Weekend Course

Had a fantastic 2-3 days in Taplow Court at the UK SGI headquarters so thanks to all who organised it, turned up or gave daimoku. We had much to inspire us. Somehow we seemed to get loads of heavyweight dudes to give us lectures of the highest calibre. I now have got a (loan) Gohonzon for me and the house now that is in Africa with the other one. Also, in the shop, I bought a nice new, bigger bell, which has a lovely sound and has had the desired effect of making my prayers for the dead more solid by process of being less distracted by the different timbred plinks that came from the other one.

The entertainments on Saturday were up to their usual standard. Two unexpected highlights for me were the trombone playing of Una which was fantastic in the natural reverb chamber of the canteen, and the witty banter of Duncan that had tears of laughter running down my face. I’ve now decided that Duncan is half Buster Keaton and half Buddy Holly and half Ronnie Corbett. See! 50% extra!

I had an interesting (but drunken) chat with Jiri who’s a bit of a whizz with design (and languages). Pretty good posters The grey one with the blood tears coming from the models’ eyes is pretty effective. It’s all very Czech and central-powers gloom! A bit like Dale (a former Bridgwater member who moved to the Czech Republic) here.

Finally, here are a few snaps I took in the Saturday free time. I think there should be a caption competition.

Johnny Mars, a being at ease,

with some others…”More beings at ease!”
I got Lesley in mid crease-up! How big, Philippa? said Lee.
Sisters? !

And Finally, these are for me an’ Johnny from Hugh Cornwell’s gig in Bridgwater. He knows what I mean. Bandwidth limitations mean there are more photos of the bass player than of the ageing rocker.

Funnily enough, Holly who generally played bass in Crawling Chaos also used to wear skirts a lot on stage and it never did any of us any harm.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.

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