Real World Computing Experience

The Triumph of Wishful Thinking over Common Sense

The recent previews of the Microsoft Vista replacement with it’s unreliable “hands on” dragging experience ( are another reminder that desires aren’t always satisfied and that designers don’t always design what people actually want for their daily work.

PCPro Magazine have duplicated the recently banned Apple iPhone advert to show the machine working in the real world – not some advertising paradise.  See here:

The real world video shows the “amazing” window dragging and resizing to be crap. (the slow download speed is another issue for which they’ve rightly been slammed ). In a real office, be it graphics, CAD, code or clerical, no-one will ever get anything done on a system like that.  Apart from the obvious “un-stickiness”, there is no fine control over graphical elements.  To replicate what’s possible using a mouse or pen-tablet we’ll need fingers like a butterfly’s proboscis, not the current appendages we have!

So recent remarks about the imminent death of the mouse I see as very wide of the mark..  Fortunately, I’m not in a club of one; say here and here for instance!

Truly, it’s style and marketing before substance, a solution looking for a problem.

By Strangely

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