Expect the Stormtrooper Approach in the Queen’s Speech!

Our weirdly bipolar government, will spring a few surprises today for most people.  (The realisation that bi-polar disorder affects organisations as well as individuals fully explains their behaviour and thus, holds no surprises for me, any more ). Coloured comments added later on Wednesday, 3rd Dec 2008.

Predictably, even though a few thousand gambling bankers have thrown the world economy into disarray, ruining millions of lives in the process, and miraculously keeping their jobs(!),  it’s the long-term unemployed who are now, mysteriously, being made to shoulder the blame….  Suddenly, as unemployment rises, they have to look for work!  It’s laughable.  They’re even bringing in lie detectors! True

Predictably, there will be another escalation in the fear and doubt factor (FUD), draconian ID and “anti-terrorist” measures even though you have more chance of choking on a peanut than being killed by a terrorist….   What is it about wacky baccy Smith?  Was she rejected from art school like Hitler, as well? Not yet, but there are other Home Office initiatives below..

Predictably, there will be pious drivel about “hard-working families” (and actually, some measures may be good ).  But it’s the drivel that’s odious.  It’s sounding more and more like Hitler’s Lebensraum at every utterance. True

Predictably, the finance industry will have yet another “code of practice” with no firm laws.  All the usual suspects will get their million pound bonuses for failure. True

Predictably, there will be harsh laws for excessive drinking, but no money for enforcement.  Towns across the land will still be un-policed at night apart from the few copper mountains outside the clubs.  This is in line with government policy over the last few years to ban everything but enforce nothing but little-used laws to suppress freedom of speech; like the Tory dude the other day for instance. True (it’s actually worse than that.  The “Special Brew” piss-heads in Glastonbury, who previously couldn’t afford the £500 fine, will now not be able to afford the £2500 fine!)

This of course, is a continuation of the Tory policies which were originally started to hammer the unions and “free” business.  We now have workplaces where everything is self-regulated by a complex system of health and safety laws in cahoots with the compensation culture.  Previously there were factory inspectors and trading standards officers etc. to do all this  There are now about three for the whole country.  So now, what happens is you lose your leg or eye or something – but you can claim for it!  Wahay!………..but you are still legless or blind.  Now, we are watched for every moment as we walk along out “free” streets  –  you still end up mugged or dead if you are attacked – but at least it’s easier for the coppers to catch suspects…

And that’s where we are with the banks.  Full circle.  Self regulation for large power structures, all paid for by the enslaved masses, who are watched, taxed and harried at all points of their lives for the privilege of enslavement to Mammon.

Queen’s speech bits I missed: – taken from Queen’s Speech: Bill-by-bill

  • more pious talk about blocking foreigners (“fully integrated approach”)- but safeguarding the needs and rights of children (you can’t make this stuff up can you?!!);
  • councils to add 2% to business rates to promote economic development – der….can’t see that one.  I must be thick.
  • get rid of child poverty by 2020 – so far ahead no-one will remember it as it’ll never happen.  We’ll be underwater with rising sea levels by then anyway.
  • “modernise” murder and suicide – look, they’re not my words.  They’re also going to make secret witnesses legal.  Goodbye freedom;  next stop Soylent Green
  • ban secrecy in work contracts….. zzzz
  • an NHS constitution! – sets out rights & responsibilities for staff and sick folk   – For chrissakes!  We want a proper constitution you twits!  All the rights are already there in common law, like the Duty of Care, say..
  • give local councils a “duty” to promote democracy…  are we children?
  • give folk the right to walk round the coast…..pathetic.  Some people still own huge tracts of it…Are they going to be compensated?  What about military ranges?  twits.
  • neat poor man’s saver, but only up to £300.  Okay, as long as it’s means tested, otherwise the 150k mob will have it as a nice little earner by getting £300 out of the taxpayer…

Well I got a few.  Some are so bizarre they are just distractions.  Who’d have thought?

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.

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  1. Oh I like some of these, walking round the coast is one of Mitterand’s and Brigitte Bardot had to lock up her panthers and stuff as she had previously owned a beach and used it for animals. Child poverty pledge led by Gordon has in fact changed a lot of things and, while maybe not on target, should be achieved at some point in my lifetime I hope. This recession will be deep and wide and we are lucky we’ve got Labour in this time.

    The Nazi racist element spoils it for me, but it either that or Nick Clegg, what shall we do now?

    (Note to self, do not blow anything up in a public place as a protest, it will not be well viewed)

    (Further note to self, do not grow beard, sentence is doubled for beardies)

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