Red Ken Supports Big Brother Death on Streets

Jean Charles de MenezesOne of the features of a transition to a police state is that those who should defend our liberties transfer their allegiance to the executive of the state. – quoting Craig Murray here.

Following the disgraceful result in the de Menezes “inquest”, if that’s what the most recent government whitewash can be called (see Hutton inquiry etc), Ken Livingstone, a man whose transport policies are geared towards making life better for everyone, said that he hoped the policewoman Cressida Dick’s career would not be interrupted by the events!

…er… Jean Charles de Menezes’ career was severely interrupted by the policeman who held him down while two others shot him in the head!  Seven Times.

Livingstone said this at about 5:38 in today’s audio clip on the Today programme on Radio Four here:

The inquest result says that the coppers have carte-blanche to shoot anyone, lie about it, try to cover it up, lock anyone up on their own say-so, for ever if necessary without recourse to law, not that the law matters anyway as an “inquest” will paint everything nice and white.


It’s a terrible indictment against our country.  The sad thing is that most people don’t care as long as they can drive to work and have enough money for cheap package holidays on Ryan Air.  For ever.

Complete and Utter Thieving Twat lawyer Jim BeresfordThe fact that Menezes’ papers weren’t legal is beside the point.  He wasn’t an evil man doing something illegal.  As his life was going, it’s likely that he would have made a good and valuable contribution to our country and his own.

Unlike the grinning twat miner’s solicitor, Jim Beresford (right).

In yet another Slytherin twat lawyer story, Jim and his mate stole (sorry, overcharged) money by getting the “fees” from both the claimants and the government!  These “fees” amounted to ~£23m.  One widow who had the privilege of their services got £217 in the end for watching her husband cough himself to death.

Beresford has been struck-orf.  Hopefully he’ll be struck by someone or more likely, struck down by his copious bad karma.  There’s no word if any money will be recovered for the public or other purses yet…

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