Bebside-Bedlington-Iron-First Public Railway-“The Modern World”

Bebside Hall (where Crawling Chaos had their studio) has had some “alterations” recently (it’s been flattened and replaced by flats). I’m waiting for some info from Holly, on the subject of the flattening but my daughter is the current custodian of it. The Hall shows at the bottom left of this map (near the 39m spot height) and the old Bedlington Iron Works are marked by the “X”. What’s so odd?

Bedlington Ironworks
Bedlington Ironworks

Well, the works produced 1200 tons of malleable iron for the rails of the Stockton & Darlington Railway, the world’s first public railway and a prime mover in the expansion of industry and power across the globe from which all modern civilisations derive their wealth. This is what’s become known as “The Industrial Revolution”. I often wondered why the soil was so black and not much vegetation grew! Furnace Bank was a bastard to cycle up and the name kind of gives away it’s history!

Anyway, I’m just amazed that I used to live so close to such an important site and that there was (and is) so little publicity about it. If it was Quebec or San Francisco there’d be a heritage park or something. In Northumberland, because it isn’t a castle then it’s just a really run-down area and covered in scrap and needles from the druggies. They didn’t even get round to turning it into a park for a hundred years!

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