Orion Nebula on a Handheld Pocket Camera

Many moons ago, before Crawling Chaos, I had an interest in astronomy.  In those days, only professionals took photos of stars and it was hard, as you needed plates and plate holders stuck on the back of your telescope, and a dark room to develop pictures.  Telescope needed to be motor driven to track the Earth’s rotation etc etc.  Oh!   And you needed a telescope! 😕

Anyway.  These pictures I’ve just taken (about midnight) starting down on the canal and finishing back home as I realised I might get a good shot with the tripod.

Fuji FinePixThe camera is my trusty (repaired) Fuji F30, mostly set at 3 secs exposure on a mix of high ISO settings.  All the EXIF data is in the pictures which are resized to 800×600 here.

I particularly like the weird grass, half-iced-up so that it’s white from the frost and glistening from the still-liquid water droplets.  And yet black, unfrozen and hardly reflective close to the ground.

The long exposure combined with flash makes the surroundings un-earthly, which I like.

I also like the fact that I shot Orion on a 3 second hand-held point-and-shoot camera.  🙂   This was unheard of in my time at Ashington Grammar School

In the final tripod shots, the nebulosity around the sword handle in Orion’s Belt is clearly visible.  Absolutely amazing.

George is in shot, helping out.

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