Foreign War Cemetaries in Britain? Not a Chance!

I’m absolutely certain that the “British Character” would be not so magnanimous if our country had been over-run and fought over by say…Iran fighting Iraq, for example.

What Do I mean?

Today on BBC News, there is a report about a previous British War “Campaign” (I hate that word): Iraq presents a lesson from history

It concerns a previous pull-out of British troops from Iraq, leaving their dead in cemeteries like this one in the photo.  It happened just after WW1.

AND THEN (like Waldo Jeffers), IT STRUCK ME!

What if the tables were turned?  Would a cemetery like this be allowed by the thuggish types in…Burnley, say if it was full of Iraqi soldiers?

I’m pretty certain, that if foreign wars had been fought in our land, all vestiges of the invader would have been removed.   There’s be none of this “noble warrior” rubbish harking to an Arthurian sunshine,  “let the dead rest in peace” crap.  The mawkish sentimental drivel surrounding the Flanders Fields’ events, “forever a part of England”, with neatly preened dead lying in serried rows and the sanctimonious pious speeches by leaders to our “Glorious” dead. ( Just yesterday 4 more died, and our leaders automatically piped up again with the drivel “Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori).  Thousands of Iraqis wouldn’t be allowed to come here and pay homage to their dead.  You can bet on it.  There’d be none of that.

How so?   That’s what the British are like.

After all, there aren’t many memorials in full view to the thousands of dead Germans who crashed and died bombing Britain, are there?

And Britain’s had it’s wars and battles.   It’s covered in battlefields, many are in Northumberland where I’m from;  Heavenfield, Otterburn, Flodden, Hambleton Hill.  And others; Nevilles Cross, Towton, Bannockburn, Marston Moor, Worcester, Shrewsbury, Hastings, Pontefract, St Albans, Stamford Bridge…

Go to them.  Most don’t even have a marker.  Sometimes the dead were chucked in pits.  Sometimes they lay to rot for years.

This all means, that in contrast to the antipathy, fear, xenophobia and hatred that the British have towards foreigners, especially swarthy-skinned ones,

The Iraqis are a very nice, civilised and respectful people.

Much more so than the British!

Just look at how the British cemeteries are basically left alone in Iraq, despite all the torment inflicted on them by us over the years.

In comparison, in Britain,  they’ve even dug up dead bodies and then hung, drawn and quartered them!  Like Who?

Cromwell Outside ParliamentWell Oliver Cromwell for one…

By Strangely

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