Updating Sites to Newer Technologies

Website Updates

For some time now websites that I run have been running WordPress.  I’ve been using it since version 1.2 I think, so quite a lot has happened in this time.  It is currently at v.4.8.1


Initially, themes had the appearance of user guidelines that had evolved for (say) the first decade of the WWW.  These followed rules about menu placements, font sizes and the like, all to make information easily accessible to the user.

sweep away

Out with the old

But for the past decade, driven by Web 2 technology & mobile devices, this has all changed.  There are page slides everywhere and since users are now familiar with this way of using websites and because many old themes no longer function correctly, I’m ditching the old themes.

On top of this, nearly everyone uses ad-blockers now, which is unfortunate as they help me to keep Crawling Chaos’ history alive.  I’m ditching sidebars with all that that entails and using inline ads to claw back some cash.  My hope is that a lot of mobile devices won’t be blocking ads as much as desktop PCs.  We’ll see, eh?

Simply put, I’m just using WordPress’ own 2017 theme!


Depending on the website I’ll rotate page headers as a way of maintaining visual interest.


Most of my carefully whittled down list of plugins I continue to use.  They have served well and don’t appear to have suffered so much since they have either kept up with evolving technologies or been left by the wayside.  One such is WP Supercache (say) which I’ve used since about day one.

Media and HTML5

One area that I subtley changed last year was to move music playback to HTML5 and ditch Flash.  I did this as soon as Google announced Chrome support of Flash was being dropped.  The world will be a better place for it!


Google Will Soon Shame All Websites That Are Unencrypted

Google Will Soon Shame All Websites That Are Unencrypted

I am implementing a simple form of SSL support so that all my websites will show the locked padlock in some form in the browser address bar.  This means that most stuff going between the user and my websites will be encrypted.  This is inline with EFF and Google guidelines.

Progress Report

So far I have done:

This site and others will follow this weekend.