Kick Phorm to Touch! Phorm breaches RIPA!

Please fill in the form (no pun intended – well actually, it is!) at the number 10’s office.  Phorm is clearly breaching or “avoiding” compliance with a host of moral and legal charters.  It seeks to monitor all users browsing habits, store them up and then flog them on to provide you with a “targeted browsing experience”.

It means that website advertisers, who pay for the privilege, will have their adverts overwritten by whoever pays the Phorm piper!  The whole economic model of the web collapses at one fell swoop!

It means that whoever owns or runs phorm can control the purchasing powers of millions and either make or break a product or company.  A bit like the Simon Cowell of the internet.

On top of this, holding this data breaches RIPA, specifically the “interception of communications”.  So  BT, Virgin & Carphone Warehouse are all in on it.

The trouble is that because of the lack of competition in the ISP/Broadband/telecoms market, it’s very hard to pick up your bags and move to another supplier.  It’s not caveat emptor as there is hardly any choice.  As a consumer, you are forced to use these suppliers or else you don’t get access!  I currently use Pipex, which is really Tiscali who are desparately trying to flog their business to Carphone Warehouse, whose boss/founder was recently forced to resign after illegally wangling loans.

This is the kind of people, morally corrupt with a fleeting grasp of the law, who are in charge of this stuff…

So go on – keep this genie in the bottle and don’t let it out.  Once out, it’ll never go back.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.