Hunt – “Mission Accomplished!”

Job Done

BBC “News” a.k.a. the angst-laden face of tory party policy is today running with a “tool” that they’ve invented to “report” on the state of your local hospital.

A Grinning Churl

A Grinning Churl

Read this as how much Hunt’s plan for the wholesale running down and sell-off of the public asset that is the NHS, has come to fruition.


The truth of it all is that the BBC is in cahoots with the tory party to ensure that it remains publicly funded.

The relentless dissing of the publicly funded (through taxes) healthcare system has gone on for years, all to keep the feeling of disquiet in the public’s mind.  After all, mud sticks.

It is, really it is, all part of the plan.

It is nothing to do with ageing populations and everything to do with the profit motives of the rich and powerful to become even richer and even more powerful.

In olden times robber bands extorted money and food from those tied to the land in exchange for “protection”.  These robber bands became the monarchy and government surrounded by weak willed sycophants.  Protection has become healthcare.

This is what is happening right now – we won’t hurt you, too much, plebs, as long as you do as you are told and are grateful to us.  Stay afraid and we will save you….

Do this quick google search on 3 keywords: BBC+NHS+targets

n.b. not all links I’ve chosen are direct to BBC; some are and some are other organisations reporting what the BBC has said!!