This is a CPU-Z dump from my PC of the CPU-Z app to be found here. Download it and then install it and run the exe file to find all the deep down details about your PC, like what date is your BIOS. Remember the dates are in US format.

I see that there are two BIOS’s for your machine; 1.20 & 1.30 and they are both dated 2003. There’s a good chance that you don’t need to do it, and to be fair, if the machine works okay then a little BIOS change won’t affect it much. However, the dates are quite close together so that usually means there was a “bit of bother” with the earlier one so they didn’t hang around fixing it!

Toshiba readme This Toshiba BIOS readme is the details of the update. It gives complete details on how to do it and there are four reasons for the update from the earlier version at the bottom. Of course, if you are already 1.3 dated 03-15-2003 then you are okay.

Display (Nvidia)

I’m assuming that your machine has nvidia in it or you wouldn’t ask! Apply the filter on your Toshiba page and you’ll see one overall nvidia driver here. Follow the link through and there are extra details that are probably what you need. Same goes for anything else on your machine like ide bus drivers, lan, sound etc.

New Compy

If you are getting something like we talked about, then you probably have EIDE drives in your old PC so the new one MUST have EIDE (or IDE) sockets to connect to the old drives. How big are your old drives? If they are 40-80Gb or smaller, it’s a false economy to stick them in the new one, even if they fit, except as an experiment. You can get HUGE drives now quite cheaply (£30-40). Another benefit of the big drives is that data access is a lot faster, especially over the new SATA interface. Also, drives are mechanical. That means the bearings and stuff WILL wear out eventually (you can’t change the laws of physics), so you’re looking at gradually deteriorating performance or even massive data loss.

Old Hard Drives: Experiment = Yes, Actual work machine = No


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